city oasis

las vegas was once an oasis

Las Vegas has become the most unsustainable city in the world, the marshes drained decades ago in favor of development. The artesian wells and springs are long gone, farms have disappeared and the city depends on Lake Meade for its vital water supply. Unless extreme water saving measures are adopted, Las Vegas may run out of water in thirty years. Water restrictions have forced farmers to sell their farms to developers. If current trends continue we could be The Last Farm In Vegas®

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the last farm in vegas®

The re-emergence of a farm on Las Vegas Boulevard after a half a century makes a powerful statement for sustainability. It supports the vision of urban farmers all across this country to grow food in a more sustainable way. New advances in urban agriculture help make this dream a reality. Crop Circles®, developed by New Leaf Technologies uses less space, which is at a premium in most cities and much less water, which is particularly important to a city like Las Vegas struggling with water resources.

vegas farm

location, location, location

An urban farm right on the strip promotes our farm to thousands of visitors from around the world each day. It's the perfect spot to show the world what we do.

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farm vegas

Crop Circles®

Perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers of all types, Crop Circles® maximize production while saving space and precious resources like water.  

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reality tv show

The last farm in vegas® - the TV show

Barren land. Punishing heat. Drought conditions. Slot machines. Show girls. Bright city lights. These extremes are the perfect backdrop for a docu-reality style television show that follows the gamble an urban farmer is undertaking growing food in the most unsustainable city in the world. This farmer has a stable of technology to max out food production in small spaces, and save buckets of water doing it. So, he had this idea to do it on the Las Vegas Strip. Can he do it? Will this man who is more comfortable in a barnyard than a boardroom be able to open the doors and meet the people that can help him plan out and create this food-growing oasis in the desert? Cameras will follow his ride of a lifetime along the glittery streets of Las Vegas as he meets the characters and con artists that will surely cross his path; as he wades through red tape to get the city of Las Vegas to approve his farm in the heart of the city. When he arrives in the city of lights will there be open arms or rows of one-armed bandits? Will celebrity chefs and headliners flock to meet him bringing sizzle to the project or will his dream wilt in the heat of the desert? Follow along as we document this astonishing yet to be written story of risk and reward on the "seedy" side of Vegas

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